Friday, May 1, 2009

OK, so here it is.  A blog.  Not just any blog, buy MY blog.  This isn't going to be any normal blog where people just ramble on and on about different stuff.  No.  This blog will be about important stuff.  Things that have impact in the world around us.  Things that can change lives.  Essential items that you, the Reader, must know in order to survive the daily grind.  In this very important blog, you will find things that will make you think, make you reassess the way you see life.  You'll never find trivial, inane things here.  It's my goal to blog about necessary facts that cannot be ignored.

Like, for instance, don't you hate it when you go to get your keys out of your pocket and they're in some jumbled mess?  As if, in the middle of the night, some demented key gremlin from MENSA came in and rearranged all your keys so that it's some pile of metal and plastic? The long metal key part is jammed into another key's fob and the split rings are all intertwined like some bizarre key yoga exercise.  And, of course, you're stuck out in the driveway at 4 a.m. trying to get to work trying to figure out the entire puzzle all on a half a cup of coffee.

See?  It's that kind of life changing, important information that will be on this blog.

Read, and learn.


  1. Yay new blog!! I am sitting back and ready to be enlightened! :D

  2. As if POTN and TR aren't enough of a distraction already and now this...

    Looking forward to your posts...

  3. YAY!!!! Don't think it can get much betterer :)

  4. I hate it when my keys do that! How did you know?!?

  5. I find my keys like that all the time. Dang, stupid demented key gremlins from MENSA.

  6. Happy to see a blog. Have missed TR terribly.

    BTW-- what you have really done is disrupted a key orgy. Just think what goes on in our pants when we don't know.