Friday, October 23, 2009

Animal Shelter Glossary

Animal Shelter glossary:
  • Needs Leash work: If untethered, this dog will sprint to the nearest county, which is probably how it got to the shelter in the first place.
  • No Children: Dog loves to snack on kids for Sunday Brunch.
  • (specific breed)-mix: Kind and sweet domesticated breed blended with a rabid, throat rendering, vampiric Pit Bull
  • Not House Broken: English Sprinkler Spaniel
  • Energetic: If you could tap the energy in this dog, your state would be free from the confines of foreign oil.
  • Affectionate: Loves to slobber, aka kiss, anything that moves.
  • Great Hunter: Will not rest until every single bird in 100 square miles has been chased off.
  • Knows Tricks: Dog is probably more intelligent than most elected officials.
  • Good with Cats: Is able to chase, corner, harass and juggle cats quite well.
  • For a Single Dog Family: After years of being on the Extreme Cage Dog Fighting circuit, The Mangy Mauler would like to retire.
  • Calm, great for Older persons: Dog has been cross bred with a throw rug.

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  1. Well gosh, that just made it a whole lot easier to think of ways to describe mr. deter! HAHAHA!!!