Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Bumper Stickers!!

It's that time again!!

NEW BUMPER STICKERS!! *imagine crowd cheering here*

  • Use hard plastic; makes for sturdier landfills
  • Ozone Layers fear me
  • I Support Litter Patrols
  • You can have my styrofoam when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers
  • I'm all for Global Warming: it'll save of heating costs, right?

"Out There" stickers:
  • Honk if your horn is broken!
  • Fig Newton Liberation Front
  • The Indian in my Cupboard started a Casino
  • Clowns! Clowns in my Distributor Cap!
  • Honestly, though, Flying Monkeys aren't all that aerodynamic.

  • Genghis Khan for Emperor
  • I'm the President for the Local Anarchist Committee
  • I watched Lord of the Rings and I VOTE!
  • I'm an Independent Republicrat and I'm voting "Maybe" on Measure 6
  • Vote for Larry for Governor cuz I feel sorry for him.

  • If I roll three 6's, will my Yahtzee board burst into flames?
  • Is the Prius just a seriously atrophied muscle car?
  • If we sold North Dakota to Canada, would anyone notice?
  • At what point do we look at the National Debt and say, "Aw, Heck with it. Let's just buy Bolivia"?
  • Shouldn't Non Alcoholic Beer be better labeled "Non Potable Water"?

1 comment:

  1. "Use hard plastic; makes for sturdier landfills"

    I wish I lived back on the west coast and had this one on my car!!