Sunday, June 14, 2009

Things I would put into the vocabulary of a GPS unit, if I had the chance:

-You are so lost.
-No, no, NO! Your OTHER left!
-Whoa, well, that ain't right.
-At your next opportunity, jack slap yourself on the forehead for making that turn.
-Nope, my bad. Turn around, let's try that again.
-I don't want to go there. Input some other place.
-I give up.
-In four hundred feet, turn left and arrive at IMMINENT DOOM!
-Is that the fastest you can go? Geez.
-Dude, Coffee. Now.
-WATCH OUT! OK, drive on.
-The driver in the car behind you has some serious road rage. Just a warning.
-OK, listen very carefully, You're. Going. The. Wrong. Way.
-I've just reported your whereabouts to a secret Government agency.

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