Sunday, June 14, 2009

State mottos that never made it to the final vote.

Alabama: Our Sweet Tea is really, really sweet.
Alaska: You don't need a refrigerator here.
Arizona: The Land is so inhospitable, it'll blow your mind.
Arkansas: Kinda like Kansas, but with an Ar attached.
California: Over here, nothing is real.
Colorado: Mountains? We got your Mountains right here.
Connecticut: Geez, that's hard to spell, isn't it?
Delaware: Just because you can't find us on the map, doesn't mean we're not important.
D.C.: Not really a state, but we have some stuff here.
Florida: Yeah, it's just that flat here.
Georgia: It's pronounced Jaw-jaw.
Hawaii: We really, really like vowels here.
Idaho: Spuds and Militias. Gotta problem wid dat?
Illinois: We grow presidents.
Indiana: We were just going to be Indian, but someone snuck in an "a" at the last minute.
Iowa: We epitomize "Flyover".
Kansas: Like Arkansas, but without that annoying "Ar".
Kentucky: Seriously, the grass here isn't blue.
Louisiana: We've turned drunkedness into an artform
Maine: Waaaay up in the right hand corner.
Maryland: We're the only state with "-land" in our name. We're just that cool.
Massachusetts: Don't worry, we can't spell it right either.
Michigan: We're so neat, we're broke in two.
Minnesota: Swedes R Us
Mississippi: Lookit all dem letters.
Missouri: There's a reason it sounds like Misery.
Montana: Lots and lots of dirt.
Nebraska: Right. In. The. Middle.
Nevada: We bury stuff here that you don't want to know about.
New Hampshire: Oregon has counties bigger than us.
New Jersey: We don't do beaches. We have shores.
New Mexico: Kinda like Mexico, but newer.
New York: Look, there's a lot more here than that city.
North Carolina: We're North of that other Carolina state.
North Dakota: Honest, there's really nothing here.
Ohio: We make bowling look cool.
Oklahoma: We're kinda oily, but in a good way.
Oregon: God's acre.
Pennsylvania: We made it possible for the Amish and Pittsburgh to be in the same state.
Rhode Island: Slightly bigger than your backyard.
South Carolina: We're South of that other Carolina state.
South Dakota: Mt. Rushmore. 'Nuff said.
Tennessee: We're trying to confine Country Music. Honest.
Texas: Bigger egos for no real good reason.
Utah: We grow red rocks here.
Vermont: We make up the other half of that New Hampshire/Vermont polygon.
Virginia: We make "Commonwealth" sound cool.
Washington: We like rain.
West Virginia: We'd like to thank the Civil War for birthing us.
Wisconsin: We make enough cheese to make the world constipated. Think about it.
Wyoming: Is there anyone still here?

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