Sunday, June 14, 2009

Unofficial State Mottos, Part Deux:

Alabama: We live up to our stereotypes.
Alaska: We're cool. Really, really cool.
Arizona: Visit us in the Winter. Your Grandparents do.
Arkansas: Yeah, we know, but it's pronounced, "AHR-kin-saw". Don't ask why, we don't know.
California: Silicone: It's not just for the valley anymore
Colorado: We built a state where there's not enough oxygen.
Connecticut: It just sounds snobby, doesn't it?
Delaware: We were really something back in the 18th century.
D.C.: The only place where you break a Federal Law within three blocks from where it was made.
Florida: Actually, we're more like a big sandbar.
Georgia: We'll talk with y'all, but it'll take a while.
Hawaii: We build cities and our mountains melt them.
Idaho: We're more than just potatoes, but we're not really sure what.
Illinois: Where our streets are straight, and our State Government isn't.
Indiana: We're so wholesome it's disturbing.
Iowa: Keeping the world hopped up on corn syrup since 1846.
Kansas: We're that light blue square in the middle of your US map.
Kentucky: State elixir: Moonshine.
Loisiana: Well, NOW we know all about hurricanes.
Maine: Eccentricity is our birthright.
Maryland: And then, there's Baltimore....
Massachusetts: If you go into a dark bathroom, stand before the mirror and say, "Massachusetts" three times fast, you'll turn into a Kennedy.
Michigan: Buy our cars, or we take your tax dollars; either way, we're good.
Minnesota: Keeping the Canadian hordes at bay for over 100 years.
Mississippi: There's a river with the same name right next to us. Jeepers.
Missouri: Mark Twain liked us. That's gotta count for something.
Montana: People like it here, and no one knows why.
Nebraska: Nothing ever happens here. It's the Law.
Nevada: Come in! Gamble! Get drunk! Get married to people you don't even know!
New Hampshire: Come watch presidential candidates act like fools for our 4 electoral votes.
New Jersey: Not so much a state as it is an attitude.
New Mexico: By now, it's more like Middle Aged Mexico.
New York: We welcome people from all over the world and let them drive our taxis.
North Carolina: We showed the movie "Deliverance" more as a documentary.
North Dakota: A whole lotta nothin' going on.
Ohio: We're Middle Classy.
Oklahoma: We're the only state with a real looking panhandle.
Oregon: Where Weird lives.
Pennsylvania: We've got "-slyvania" at the end of our name. How cool is that?
Rhode Island: You can tour the entire state and still be home in time for lunch.
South Carolina: Proud 400 year history of growing stuff that turns your lungs into charcoal briquettes.
South Dakota: We're the Anti-Hawaii.
Tennessee: Home of St. Jack Daniels.
Texas: Someday, we'll make good on all that boasting.
Utah: When we say, "Lake," we mean, "Big, Dry, Flat Place."
Vermont: We're more than just maple syrup. We also have Ben & Jerry's.
Virginia: We've got history oozing out of our Olde Towne.
Washington: Over here, our mountains blow up.
West Virginia: Here, you're family. No, really.
Wisconsin: Our main seasonal crop is Snow Drift.
Wyoming: Where tumbleweeds outnumber people.

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